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There is only one moving company offering White-Glove Now Service ©, and that company is Finale Movers!  We are the small moving company Los Angeles can trust for your upcoming moves!



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Moving Company – Los Angeles

If you’re looking for a premier group of movers for your next move, we stand as one of the top Los Angeles Moving Companies out there!  We hire and train some of the most excellent movers Los Angeles has ever seen.  With our exceptional service and attention to detail, there is no reason why you shouldn’t be super excited for the grand finale when you are moving to your new home!

We are a small moving company in Los Angeles, and our core team works to help move people just like you into a new home.  Though we enjoy our growth over the years, we happily remain a small moving company– by design!  This way, we can enjoy the rewards of helping people with local moves, and keep our current movers happy by delivering an excellent service to keep our customers happy.  Over the years, we’ve found that happy movers results in happy customers!

It’s fun and exciting to see people move into their new homes.  We just happen to be in the unique position where we can see it happen on a daily basis.  Whether it’s the moment your kids eyes light up as we move-in the furniture into their playroom, or when your entertainment system is placed just how you imagined it, these are the reasons that we get up in the morning– to provide a useful service and work alongside great people.  We will likely remain a small moving company in the Los Angeles area for years to come!

Excellent Track Record, Excellent Movers in LA

When it comes to choosing a moving company, we know you have options.  We also know that you need the right moving company for the right job– and you need the numbers to make sense!  Our movers are expertly trained to moving your items and handle with care all the way to placing your possessions at the final destination.  Our track record speaks for itself!

Finale – Local Movers

Are you relocating within the area?  We’ve got you covered.  We bring you the right team with the right training to provide you with the right solution for every move.  Let our expert team ease your mind, and take care of the move for you!  With years of experience working in the Los Angeles Area, we know the right way to move your priceless possessions.  We are the local movers you can trust!

White-Glove Now Service © All the Way!

Moving can be a hassle, and even those with good intentions can drag you down in the process– not us, though!  Our White-Glove Now Service © is a term we coined for how we treat our customers throughout the entire process.  You’re always treated with respect and your possessions are always treated with care.  During the move, we’re an extension of your family– after all, you’ve got to let us know where you want us to put this thing!

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